Oh My Gogi

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Oh My Gogi is a food truck determined to fill that void in your stomach with a blend of Korean BBQ & Mexican Fusion served up right here in the Houston area! The word Gogi in Korean means MEAT and after one bite you will be saying Oh My Gogi! If you are running on empty after a long night of fun then you need to stop by this food truck and put in a order.

We sent Cat to the Oh My Gogi! food truck to check out some of the menu items consisting of Korean BBQ Tacos, Kimchi Quesadillas, and the famous OMG! Fries (Oh My Gogi!). The vibe of the owner Eric and staff goes great with the people who come out for a good time and they are always communicating and getting to know the customers. The owner Eric Nguyen is on the ground floor making sure the people get what they want and are satisfied.

Just the sight of these sobriety inducing foods will make any party goer stop by the truck and put a massive order in. Definitely come and check out this food truck and get you some tasty food.

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