Malaysia Airlines Flight 93 to Tokyo

I recently booked Malaysia Airlines Flight 0093 from Los Angeles (LAX) to Narita Intl (NRT) Tokyo, Japan. Simply looking at the fact that it was to take close to 12 hours to get my destination I could only imagine being uncomfortable, hungry, and in a bad mood by the time I departed the plane. I was wrong, and what a great experience.

Beer? First off after about five minutes of flight I was offered either apple juice or beer by the hostess and I chose beer of course. The plane quickly filled with joy as passengers started to see the trays of free beer circle the pathways of the cabin.

Approximately thirty minutes into the flight you start to smell food and suddenly the insatiable growl in your stomach is gone when you get the first bite of the beef bolognese. If not for the fact that this was being served in a little tray one would be hard pressed to know this was an in flight meal. Yummy!

"White or Red wine sir?" these words were quickly followed by my answer of white even though I probably should have chosen the Red with the beef meal.

I have seen the Iron Man movie many times but never with the foreign subtitles, yes pretty cool.

You would think one heavy meal on the flight might be enough but No No, "Please enjoy the Beef stew sir!"

One of the most important aspects of the flight that can not be captured in something like a picture is the fact that the crew is way above par on Malaysia Airlines. From the kind people that process your boarding pass up to the in flight attendants that make sure your long trip is an easy one this is service with a smile and a winner in my book.

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