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Written by Diana     March 21, 2011    


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March 20, 2011
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My son was in the mood for something sweet. I decided to take him to this place I pass by sometimes called Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. The name of this place made my son laugh and he kept repeating it over and over like a typical four year old would. It was a Saturday evening and there were lots of families enjoying their frozen treats.

Tutti Frutti

My son's breath was taken away when he immediately saw all the buffet of toppings that you could add to your frozen yogurt. All the candies, nuts and syrups you could possibly imagine. His eyes quickly glanced over all the options to choose from when I noticed a wall of yogurt machines.


As you walk, pass the toppings bar you will find a table full of stacked cups. You can select two sizes, big or bigger. No small cups? I thought whoa that is a lot of frozen yogurt!! (I didn't know until later that there is no one to serve's more of a self-serve type thing.) A nice young lady was standing by the yogurt machines and asked if I wanted to sample any of the yogurts. I asked if they had any coffee flavored yogurts, and she allowed me to try a cappuccino flavor. I tried it and it was yummy. My son on the other hand couldn't decide. After naming them all to him he decided to try cookies N cream. After sampling it, he picked that one right away because his mind was still on the toppings of candy.


Being it was my first time at Tutti Frutti, I asked her for a cup of the Cookies N Cream yogurt. The young lady instructed me that it was a self-serve type of thing. So she pointed me toward the Cookies N Cream and I pulled the knob and filled 1/3 of the cup. We moved over to the buffet of toppings and my son selected M & M's, mini chocolate chips, and chocolate sprinkles....can you tell you he likes chocolate. The last and final thing to do is to pay. The young man weighed the container and my total was about four dollars. I didn't buy any because this was just a treat for my son. I was politely given an extra spoon and we sat down to enjoy. I sampled his cookies N cream and it was also good.

Frozen Yogurt

I checked out their webstie and learned that most of Tutti Frutti's frozen yogurt is non-fat or low fat. I remember that since it was yogurt that there are lots of benefits to eating yogurt. I think if you go and have a frozen yogurt without all the candies and such, this is a healthy option to have when wanting a little dessert. Also, my son could have cared less if it was healthy as well because to him it was ice cream. Which it did taste like ice cream.

Overall we had a pleasant experience there. My son loved it so I was happy!



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