Oro Y Cándido

Oro Y Cándido is a restaurant located in the Palermo neighborhood on Buenos Aires, Argentina and we went there to visit with Marcelo Epstein and discuss what makes Oro Y Cándido a unique place. In this first video we had Marcelo tell us about the origins of Oro Y Cándido and we quickly learned we were in for a true treat of foods that we would not see anywhere else in Buenos Aires.

Oro Y Cándido is not your typical Argentine restaurant, they do serve up most of the common meals that the people of Buenos Aires are familiar with but they are also serving up exotic types of food prepared in ways to target most people. You can sit down and have some alligator milanesa or maybe some ostrich or maybe even some vizcacha. The best part of visiting Oro Y Cándido was getting the chance to visit with Marcelo Epstein and this man truely has a passion to create things that people will remember for lifetimes. I could have simply sat and spoken with Marcelo for hours on end because he is such and interesting and enthusiastic person.

In our second video Marcelo explains the dishes we will be tasting and of course my favorite part of the visit which was sitting down and eating them. The vizcacha which is like giant hare or rabbit gives off a very very fresh taste with meat that seems similar to that of chicken but be careful because it is an addictive food as I learned. My favorite had to be the superb alligator milanesa and since then I have been fighting with my wife to have her learn how to make it. I may have to contact Marcelo for the recipe.

I will never forget this visit to Oro Y Cándido in part because of the great food but also because I had the chance to make a new friend Marcelo Epstein and people like him are one in a million. I am sure that 20 years from now when I look back on this video it will put me back in time to remember another great memory made on this trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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