Two Brothers Bistro

Authentic Greek dishes and select Cajun Specialties. Wait a minute. Did I just read Greek AND Cajun? Surely, that is a typo on their website! As it turns out, it is not a mistake. Two Brother’s is owned by, you guessed it, two brothers (Gus and Peter Katzianis). They are Greek and their head chef is from Louisiana. Together, they have created an eclectic menu. Where else can you order Crawfish Etouffee for dinner and Greek Baklava for dessert?

When you try new restaurants on an almost daily basis as I do, you come across many not so great places to eat. Let’s face it, many of them are stinkers! It’s easy to lose sight of why I go out of my way to try new places. Occasionally, I happen along an unassuming restaurant such as Two Brother’s Bistro and I am instantly reminded why I enjoy trying new places. Two Brother’s Bistro is a hidden jewel in a sea of houses and strip malls, otherwise known as far North Fort Worth.

I arrived at Two Brother’s at noon on a weekday to see what the lunch crowd would be like. When I walked in I was promptly greeted by a waitress and asked if I preferred a booth or table. I always appreciate being given a choice. There is one large dining room with an open and spacious feeling. There were a few other diners in the restaurant but it was not very crowded. I attribute this to the fact that Two Brother’s is still relatively unknown. I live just a few miles away and didn’t even know about it until recently. Once the word get’s out on this place I suspect it may become more crowded.

The bathrooms were large enough to accommodate a wheel chair as was the dining room. They were very clean which always puts me at ease.

I ordered the Shrimp Santorini which was sautéed in a butter garlic olive oil and finished with a Provencal sauce. Provencal sauce is a type of tomato and butter sauce and in this case was to die for. There were several plump shrimp which were firm to the bite, but not chewy. My meal was served with Rice Pilaf cooked to perfection and grilled vegetables which were not overly oily as if often the case. The portions were a decent size and won’t leave you hungry. However, they may seem a tad small if you have become accustomed to your typical chain that serves portions large enough to feed two or even three people. Everything on the plate was cooked to perfection.

I had an iced tea to drink. The tea was unsweet and refreshing. I normally would order a soda. However, the menu had a note that soft drinks did not include refills. Considering how affordable the rest of the menu was I didn’t mind too much. However, I would still have preferred a Dr. Pepper! I think they would be wise to rethink the “no refill” policy.

My meal came with a roll, but no salad. Salads were available at an extra charge of $4 for a garden salad or $6 for a Cesar salad. This seemed a tad high in comparison to the price of the entrées which is why I did not order a salad. The roll was light and airy. It tasted like French bread with a soft crust. I was not offered an extra roll which would have been nice. In fairness, I did not request an extra roll so I can’t complain too much.

For dessert I went with the Baklava. As you can tell from the picture, the pastry portion had more layers than I could count. It was flaky and airy just as it should be.

My waitress was attentive and made sure my Iced Tea never got below half full. She took my order promptly and was helped me with my selection. While I waited for my food to arrive I enjoyed the soft music that was playing in the background. It was just loud enough to hear, but quiet enough to carry on a conversation. My food was brought out about ten minutes after I ordered which was quicker than I had expected.

While eating, one of the owners (Gus) walked around to the tables to ensure that everyone was enjoying their meal. He was very friendly and likable and was more than happy to answer any questions I had. After spotting my camera, he pulled out his cell phone to show me pictures of the renovations he has made and what his restaurant looks like at night. From what I saw, it looks like it would be a very romantic location at night.

Two Brother’s provides four star quality food at prices you would expect from your local chain restaurant such as Chili’s. Lunch entrées are between $10 and $13. Dinner prices range from $15 to $25. Two Brother’s Bistro is not just a great Mediterranean Restaurant. It is simply a great restaurant! Now, on to more important questions. How long until dinner because I am ready to go back again!

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