Ted E’s Burgers And More

Residents of Fort Worth takes their burgers seriously and I am no exception! I have eaten at all of the greats in Tarrant County countless times. Ted E’s is just as good and maybe better than any other burger in Fort Worth! If you consider yourself a burger connoisseur then you owe it to yourself to try one! And to the owners of Ted E’s, if you are reading this. You might want to offer those fried tomatoes as a side item on the menu. Actually, forget you just read that because now my wife will make me order them every time we visit and that will cost me a few extra bucks!

I have been to Ted E’s several times since they opened. Each time I have walked away full and with a smile!

Ted E’s is located in a strip mall as most business seem to be these days. The main reason I am not a fan of restaurants located in strip malls is that they lack any sense of originality. They have done their best to inject a sense of spirit by painting the walls with bright red and hanging plenty of Texas Tech memorabilia and I think it works. Overall, the inside is bright and airy. There are plenty of seats and I have never felt crowded there.

There are only so many different ways to make a hamburger, or so most people would think. Ted E’s has several unique twists on this classic, which quickly becomes apparent when you look at the menu. For example, the Ranch Burger which my wife and I have fallen in love with comes with fried tomatoes and fried onion strings! I love to eat the fried tomatoes on my burger, while my wife likes to eat them by themselves as if they are some sort of appetizer. Either way you eat them, you can’t go wrong.

If you like fried food, you will love the options at Ted E’s. They even had a fried burger which I was hoping to try on this visit. Sadly, I found out it was just a monthly special and it was no longer on the menu. I tried to get them to make it for me anyway to no avail. It was probably just as well as I had things to do later in the day and didn’t have the time to spare for a heart attack. They did point out the Chicken Fried Bacon Burger which had fried bacon! Instead, I opted for the Club Burger which had three slices of bread, two patties, and Swiss and cheddar cheese. In typical Ted E’s fashion, it was cooked to perfection. However, if I could only eat one burger, it would be the amazing Ranch Burger. Don’t let the name fool you. It is nothing like other ranch burgers you have tried. The combination of a perfectly cooked patty and wonderful toppings lands me in burger heaven every time!

My children ate the chicken strips which were good but nothing out of the ordinary. That’s okay though since the name of the restaurant is Ted E’s Burgers, not Ted E’s Chicken Strips.

All of the staff I have encountered has always been friendly. You place your order with a cashier when you first walk in. I did not have any wait and the cashier quickly took my order. Drinks are self serve which I don’t mind. It makes it easy for me to quickly get a refill.

When I asked if the deserts were made on site the owner took the time to not only answer my question but explained a little about the process. His description of the homemade Chocolate Pudding Pie was so detailed I just couldn’t resist. I promptly ordered a slice which only cost $2.99!

The pie consisted of two layers. One layer was actually chocolate pudding and the other was pie. I was worried that the pudding layer might be too runny but it had actually gelled very nicely. The pie was rich but not overly sweet. A great way to finish a great meal!

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