Frost It Cafe – Custom Cakes And Bakery

Don’t have time to cook, order dinner to go!

Today I visited Frost It Café for lunch. Frost It is located in the shopping center behind Spring Creek Barbeque facing Warren.

I entered and was transported into an urban comfy place filled full of wonderful looking pastries.

Now I admit, it took me awhile to order TOOO many good pastries and they also have a breakfast and lunch/dinner menu. What? Don’t have time to cook, don’t worry, take home a dinner to go. Dinner for 2 is $14.99 and Dinner for 4 is $29.99 AND you can pick it up at the drive through window. Check out their website to see what they are serving this week. But really take a few minutes and go in a pick out a dessert to go with that dinner.

For Lunch I tried the Soup of the day which was Turkey Chili and Chicken Tarragon with Cranberries and celery salad. The Turkey Chili was awesome, chunky, full of flavor, with a hint of spice. VERY GOOD, if they have this special ORDER it!

Next up was the Chicken Tarragon with Cranberries and celery. My mistake, it was a chicken Salad, and I don’t even like the looks of chicken salad. So my simple solution was to toss the ball of chicken salad. Let me say that it is FULL of chicken. When they found out that the chicken salad was an issue they offered me some turkey for my greens part of the salad. Guys, I didn’t taste it, I am sure that it was good based upon the chili. Chicken Salad is my achilies heel.

But come on, do you really think I went to a bakery to eat salad!? Of course not, so how about something sweet.

I got…. A slice of apple pie, a slice of Pumpkin pie, a cupcake because it was pretty and, yes and a chocolate brownie with caramel salt drizzle.

The apple pie has layers of apple slices and looks so festive. But for the taste….fresh not too sweet and could just image it warm with a scoop of ice cream on it!

The Pumpkin pie has twist of whip cream on it . The pie as a hint of nutmeg and is like a English custard.

The cupcake is chocolate with vanilla icing and fall leaves and little sprinkles on the edges.

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