Dub V Pub

If you bleed any color other than blue and gold, you’re in the wrong place.

Welcome to the first installment of the Martinsburg steak night Steak Off. Steak night is a big thing around this town and there are three main bars that have steak night throughout the week, Dub V Pub, Alto’s Club, and Nan and Pop’s. I’m going to start off with the review of Dub V Pub and do one restaurant a week to find out who serves the best steak at their respective steak nights.

Dub V Pub was originally called The Drink until taken over by West Virginia University Alum, HD Boyd. Who decided to turn it into a WVU themed sports bar where you can catch all the WVU football games when you start feeling a little homesick from the other side of the state. The entire bar is painted in blue and gold with WVU memorabilia adorning the walls and has a pool table and several dart boards for the teams it hosts for the West Virginia Eastern Panhandle Dart League.

So, onto the meat and potatoes of the review. Dub V Pub’s offering for their steak night, which is on Wednesday nights, is either a 16oz NY Strip or a 16oz Rib Eye with a salad and your choice of a baked potato, french fries, or asparagus. I ordered a the 16oz NY Strip, a salad with bleu cheese dressing, and a side of asparagus since I do love me some asparagus. The bartenders are friendly and the service is fairly quick which left me with a very short wait.

Salad and bread were brought out first. I had a whole tub of butter to myself, but ended up using very little of it. The salad was pretty standard with cheese, croutons, and bacon bits. The plastic cup of bleu cheese was more than adequate to thoroughly coat my salad. That’s an issue that some places have, giving you just enough dressing so that you’re left with a chance to taste it if the dice happen to land in your favor.

The only complaint I had at this point was that the Cardinals were on TV. I hate baseball and the Cardinals aren’t exactly a spectacular team. Ok, ok. Let me expand on that. I hate baseball on TV. Live games are great, but having to sit there and watch it on TV proves to be a very monotonous way to test how patient a person can be.

Fortunately, I wasn’t put through what I deem to be torture on the level of, well I better not going into anything too disturbing if I’m writing a review about food. Anyways, TV baseball torture = short wait time. My steak was brought out with my asparagus. The first thing I did to ascertain how well it was cooked as to cut it in half and photograph it. I ordered medium rare and it looked a little undercooked, which although being fine with that anyways and enjoying a rare steak now and then, was a little unexpected.

I started with the asparagus. I was disappointed that the bottoms of the stalks were never cut off. I’ve never know a cook or chef to serve asparagus with the white parts on the bottom. I don’t know if someone was having an off day or what. So, I cut the bottoms of the stalks off and dug in. The asparagus was bordering on the edge of too salty and several pieces were charred. They were edible and didn’t have a terrible flavor, but the salt from either the seasoning or straight salt application was bordering on the edge of unbearable.

Sides aside, it was time for the pièce de résistance. Yeah, look at me, big words and shit. So onto the steak I moved cutting into my first piece. It was a little more cooked on the inside, which could have been from letting it sit and it looked like a perfect medium rare at that point. The steak, unlike the asparagus, was not too salty and I was pleasantly surprised at the seasoning to steak ratio. Some “cooks” will season the hell out of a steak and I know that most restaurants use their own blends of spices, herbs, and other flavoring agents, but I’m of the school that salt and pepper are the only seasoning that a steak needs while cooking and that if you’re using steak sauce, it better be because you mistook a stack of paper for a steak and needed to add some type of flavor to it. Larry, the cook, got this one right. Most of the steak turned out to be medium rare with a few parts on the inside being a little less done. It wasn’t cooked consistently and that’s one thing I want in a steak is consistency. Over all I still enjoyed it and I’m definitely giving it a recommendation. As to how Dub V Pub’s steak night steaks stack up to Alto’s Club and Nan and Pop’s; well I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

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