Bobcate Bite

Buda describes nirvana as the perfect place, without wants or needs. And that, my friend, is where you go when you visit Bobcat Bite and put that first bite of a Green Chile Cheese Burger in your mouth. Your world is perfect and you need nothing else.

Sorry, I went there again in my mind. There is no other burger that can compare to Bobcat Bite’s. It is the perfect burger with just the right amount of fresh ground meat to bread balance. Crafted and cooked by John Eckre to the most perfect state that a burger can reach. John hand trims and grinds the beef every morning to insure the perfect hamburger. By doing this John controls the texture and the amount of fat and then forms the perfect nine and a half ounce patty by hand. Let me tell you, John knows how to cook a burger, too.

I love sitting at the counter so I can peek into the kitchen. You know the burger is getting close to done when he places the cheese on top and then puts the steamer cap on it. It is so hard sitting there watching Bonnie and the girls deliver burgers to other tables when all you can think about is stealing them before they reach the designated table. I want you to know that my hands were shaking while taking the photos of this burger, because I could not wait to get mine IN MY MOUTH!

Bobcat Bite has been in the same family for, I think, three generations. They have been open since 1953. It is owned by John and Bonnie Eckre. Bonnie has waited on us every time we have visited. I have been going every chance I get for the last 4 years. After all, it is only two hours off my path to visit my daughter in Phoenix. And it is worth every minute it takes to get there. (It makes our drive go from 14 hours to 16 hours) This time when we went to Santa Fe, we stayed for two nights and I picked where we were staying based up the location and how near it was from Bobcat Bite. I will not confirm or deny that I went more than once…. but I could see it from my bedroom window at Bobcat Inn B&B, and since I was so close, I could call in the order and run back to our B&B to eat it…oops! Some important things you should know about Bobcat Bite. It is small (24? seats). Expect a wait, this is the only time that we have not had to wait (we got there at 3:00pm). Call or get on their website to check their hours, as they may have taken a few days off.

I have stood on their door step with tears in my eyes after driving 4 hours just to get another burger only to find out they were closed! I should also say that they have really good potato salad and coleslaw.

Oh and another thing, other places in town claim to have good green chile cheese burgers…..let me just save you the trouble of finding out…. THEY DO NOT have good green chile cheese burgers. Don’t waste your time and money. This is a very popular place with the locals and now that they are well known to all of us tourists. And if this review makes no sense, it is because… all I can think about is eating another burger crafted by John Eckre.

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