Catfish Station

The Catfish Station is a drive-thru only restaurant serving fried catfish, shrimp, po’boys and gumbo. The location used to be a drive-thru coffee hut and when I first saw the new signage on the building my thought was Drive-Thru Seafood? Really?? Now that I’ve had a taste of the Catfish Station I’m thinking Drive-Thru Seafood! Really!!

My family and I pulled up to the station last weekend and decided to try one of their family meals which claim to feed 4-6 people and cost about $30.

We ordered the fried catfish and shrimp meal which included ample portions of both, along with two sides, for which we selected fries and jambalaya, as well as hush puppies. Both the catfish and shrimp were great on their own, but what made the meal really fantastic was the sauce.

Spicy and flavorful, it was the perfect complement and more than enough was included. The fries and jambalaya were nothing to write home about, but the hush puppies were excellent with a unique peppery taste. True to claims, the portions included were definitely sufficient to feed 4-6 depending on appetite size.

One thing to keep in mind when visiting the Catfish Station is that all food is cooked to order, so do not expect typical fast food turnaround times. After we ordered our food we were told to pull around and wait in a designated area for about 10 minutes after which the food was delivered to our car. You can call in your order ahead a time if you want to avoid the wait or just be prepared with some fun company and your jamming tunes. Overall the Catfish Station is a great bet if you want some flavorful seafood takeout.

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