Nan And Pop’s Place

Home is where the dart is.

So shoot me, I like puns and being corny sometimes. Anyways, on to part two of the Martinsburg steak night Steak Off. Last week we visited Dub V Pub. This week, we’ll be checking out Nan and Pop’s Place.

Nan and Pop’s is owned and ran by Nan and Pop Casto, a local pair of veterans that met in the army and married. The bar is also part of the Eastern Panhandle Dart League and is usually packed with dart throwers on Tuesday nights. Nan and Pop’s also has live bands and other events throughout the week, including trivia nights on Thursdays to go with steak night.So off the bat I have to let everyone know that I throw darts for one of Nan and Pop’s teams so I’m not outed at a later date by some sneaky investigative journalist.; those tricky bastards. It’s OK though because I used to throw for Alto’s, the third bar that will be reviewed, and I’m friends with the owner of Dub V Pub, which was the first bar reviewed. So after the bit of disclaimer, I’ll get on with it.

Nan and Pop’s steak night has a flat fee of $16.00. That includes a salad, a steak, your choice of grilled asparagus or grilled green beans, and french fries or horsey mashed potatoes. I ended up getting a salad with bleu cheese, a medium rare steak, asparagus, and horsey mashed potatoes to try and keep things as consistent as possible. The steaks are also a NY strip cut, the same as what I ordered last week.

Joey cooks on the grill out back in rain or shine and it just so happens that…yep…rain…This guy here bartends several nights a week but is always on the grill Thursday evenings to cook steaks. Joey’s worked in a formal kitchen setting at the Clarion Hotel in Shepherdstown, WV for a while before moving on to other work. Just make sure you enjoy hardcore music if you’re going to be sitting on the back deck. So after some chatting, my meal was ready.

The salad was simple but good. It had the salad base, cheese, cherry tomatoes and croutons with a heaping side of bleu cheese. It had plenty of dressing to nicely smother everything, but not so much as that I felt all that I was ingesting was just salad dressing.

Up next, the main event! The asparagus were cooked perfectly and guess what? I didn’t even have to remove the ends! I did end up talking to Larry, the cook from Dub V Pub after writing the review and he said due to space and time constraints, he wasn’t able to cut the bases off the asparagus. Joey’s asparagus were not over seasoned at all and had the perfect crunch/tenderness ratio to it. I’d seriously just sit there and eat Asparagus all night if I could.

The horsey mashed potatoes seem to be a new take on the garlic mashed potatoes you see everywhere. I love horseradish so these were a no brained. They didn’t use much horseradish though and just had a hint of horseradish flavor to them. I’m not sure if more horseradish would have made them better or just have ruined them. After all horseradish and mashed potatoes is a weird combination to me, but I’d probably try horseradish in my cereal at least once.

After finishing with the potatoes, I cut the steak in two to give you an idea of how it was cooked. I have to apologize though as the lighting on the back deck is terrible for taking photos and through my white balance completely off. Even a custom white balance and a lot of poking in Photo Shop to give it a more natural look didn’t help it completely. But apart from that, you can see the steak has a nice sear to the outside and cooked perfectly throughout the entire cut. That’s going to be a tough one to beat.

So after taking the time to show you how it was cooked, I started cutting and dug in. The steak was nice and tender but was a little light on the seasoning. Again, I’m not a person to use much seasoning except for a little salt and a little pepper, but I felt the steak could have used a little more salt on it. Other than that, the taste was excellent and nice and neutral. I was sure I was eating steak and not something that resembled steak that was coated in Montreal Steak Seasoning.

I made quick work of the steak and I have to say, DAMN! It was huge. I felt like I was about to explode by the time I was done. Those steaks looked to be almost 20 ounces! That’s huge! I didn’t have my scale on me (wait, I never carry a scale…), but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were that big or larger. All in all, Nan and Pop’s steak night offerings are an incredible deal and I would recommend it in a heart beat.

Tune in next week for a review of Alto’s steak night and the conclusion of our Martinsburg steak night Steak Off.

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