Wiener Man – Food Truck

I was quite excited to give the Weiner Man a try, and after driving one and a half hours, I finally got my chance. The menu was limited tonight due to the expected crowds at the Keep On Truck’in Fest in Ft Worth. Lines were reasonable and went quite quickly.

I was going to order an Alchemist or Rahr Weiner but had to make another choice due to the limited menu.

Normally they have a little larger menu with both, pre-designed dogs and a build your own. So I went with a pre-designed dog, the Crunch Weiner. Crunch Weiner is a Hebrew National Weiner wrapped in bacon, deep fried and topped with mustard, cheddar cheese and Crushed Potato chips on an Empire Split-top Roll.

This is one good weiner. How could it be bad, they wrapped it in bacon and deep fried it! (Okay , let’s not look at the fat content or the irony of wrapping a kosher dog in bacon!) They even put it on a toasted roll. I hardly noticed the crushed potato chips which was a disappointment for someone who often puts potato chips on her sandwiches.

It made me want an Achemist even more! (Alchemist: Bacon wrapped, deep fried Hebrew National Wiener topped with sauteed spinach, avocado, fresh pico & Sriracha mayo,served on a toasted Empire split-top roll.) Well I guess that means a trip back to Ft Worth!

Now, don’t worry if you don’t eat meat you can still get your weiner. Try the Portobello mushroom weiner. Topped with sautéed spinash, fresh pico, and avocado with Sriracha may and served on a Empire split-top roll, you may not even miss the dog.

To accompany our dog, we opted for some gourmet chips drizzled in Gouda. The chips were thick and spicy, the Gouda smooth and creamy. Nachos go haute cuisine from a food truck! Wow!

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