Crazy Sisters Food Truck

Oh Boy! I am standing waiting for them to open. I just can’t wait…..oh what to order? I mean, they say “Come on out and get your Crazy with us!” so what kind of crazy can I do?

Tacos, Burgers, Grits, burrito or maybe a torta?

After much debate we decide upon two pork carnitas tacos, one street style and one Gringo style just to compare. Street style is corn tortilla, grilled onions, grilled bell pepper, cojita cheese and cilantro, Gringo Style is Flour tortilla, Grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese blend, both come with your choice of jalapeno creama or sour cream. Maybe my expectations were wrong but when you name one Gringo and one Street style, I expect the Street style to have real kick and the Gringo to be milder. If anything, I found the Gringo to have a little more spice to it. Both tacos were good and priced at $3.00 and $4.00. each. They also have 5 house made mayos and 5 house made salsas and sauces for build your own tacos.

I also ordered Mexican Grits. The grits are polenta style (which are solid) with three cheeses topped with slow cooked beef, chicken, or pork carnitas, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, bacon and honey jalapeno sauce. This style gives you a reason to eat grits even if you don’t usually like them. The toppings are great, but that bacon was the crowning glory. Plenty of flavor they remind me of tamales but open-faced. I thought for the size, they were a little over priced at $8.95. They certainly did not make a meal as advertised.

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