Jerry’s Italian Bistro

Jerry’s Italian Bistro is one of the best kept secrets in the Mid-Cities area. With its romantic atmosphere, fine dining, and prices less than other chain restaurants, it could easily become your go to date night restaurant.

Italian Restaurants in North Texas are a bit like a Holiday Inn. They are reasonably priced, enjoyable, and if you have visited one of them you have visited them all. Therefore, my expectations for Jerry’s Italian Bistro were not set very high. In fairness, most Italian restaurants around here use the same food vendor, so it’s no surprise that their food tastes the same. I love Italian food, so it’s fortunate that I took the time to visit Jerry’s.

The deep red paint in the exterior of the building made locating Jerry’s an easy task. Once inside, it may take your eyes a moment to adjust to the dim lights. It is darker than most restaurants, but not so dark that you can’t read the menu. I found that the lighting created a romantic atmosphere and a feeling of privacy. Unfortunately, the restrooms were rather cramped which would make it quite difficult for anyone in a wheelchair.

Bread came in the form of miniature loaves. The crust was thick and flaky and the inside was a bit chewy. Overall, the bread looked great, but tasted a bit bland. I chose the house dressing for my salad which was a tomato vinaigrette. The tomato in the salad was fresh and seemed to be vine ripened. Unfortunately, I only received on slice of tomato on my salad.

My wife ordered the Veal Marsala. It was served in a brown reduction with sauteed mushrooms. The sauce was rich and creamy and the Veal was fork tender. It is one of the best Marsalas I have ever had.

I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana which was lightly breaded and covered in a fresh marinara sauce and melted cheese. Both entrees came with a bowl of pasta.

One of the big surprises was our children’s food. Typically, food on the children’s menu is bland and boring. I ordered a cheese pizza for my two kids to share. It was an amazing bargain considering that it was only $5.95 and covered an entire adult plate. Needless to say, my two kids couldn’t finish it.

Our service was great from start to finish. We did not have to wait to be seated. Once we were seated, our order was quickly taken. Our waitress did a great job of keeping our table clear of clutter and our drinks filled up.

Location: Jerry’s Italian Bistro

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