Buck’s Grill House

Man, oh man, I need FOOD. Good food, some real meat. Then I realize I am in Moab, UT. So that means I am going to have to choose wisely. I think we have two choices, Buck’s Grill House or Jeffrey’s Steak House, the rest look kinda iffy at best. Buck’s wins by proximity. I am tired and hungry. We had an apple and a granola bar for lunch and breakfast. (That is what happens when you are up before sunrise and immediately head to one of the National Parks.)

We are early tonight. We pull into the parking lot and there are cars, quite a few cars. We enter and I am relieved to see that most are in the bar at the moment. There are only three other tables that people are dining at. The menu is amazing. They bring some homemade bread to the table and it is killer. Soft and warm in the inside and crispy on the outside, so good they had to bring more. Even though this is Utah, there’s a good selection of wine and beers along with tea (sweet or unsweetened) and soft drinks.

I look at the starters and just cannot decide. Duck Tamales, Baby Back Ribs, Clams Verde or…Mixed Game Sausage Skewer (9.99). That’s the one! Grilled boar, elk and buffalo sausage topped with mustard aioli. Oh, I cannot wait… But look…

Does that look great or what? The sausages have been cut in half and placed on the grill which gives it a little smoky flavor. The meats are wonderful. The boar (on the left) has a subtle hint of game, then comes the elk and then the buffalo. All three are mild in flavor and cooked to perfection, and that mustard Aioli has an amazing delicate flavor but strong enough to handle the wild meats.

Now no one has to ask me what I want for dinner. I WANT STEAK. I order their petite cut sirloin (22.99), which is the leanest cut they offer. It is Painted Hills Naturally raised beef. I order it med rare and it comes out just right. A really great cut of meat served with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. Everything was quite delicious. This hungry gal is now very happy.

My husband orders the Elk Stew (15.99). This is one big bowl of stew. It has both large and small chucks of elk with different kinds of root vegetables and squash, topped with mashed potatoes and horseradish cream. This is one dreamy stew. The meat has been slow cooked it is seasoned to compliment the elk and is sooo tender. The flavors meld together in a comfortable and satisfying experience. Picture Shepherd’s Pie done chuck wagon style. Better yet, take a look and start your taste buds tingling.

Cooked rich and hearty, it is easy to visualize some cattle drive cook preparing this meal for the wrangler who just spent 16 hours in the saddle or the one about to go out and serenade the herd all night. This hungry guy is just as happy.

I don’t generally think of Moab and fine dining in the same thought, but Buck’s sure has changed my mind. It alone is a reason to eat in Moab. Insert: Bucks Grill House interior

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