Sammy’s Wild Game Grill

Im feeling a little exotic tonight, what about you? We decided that to cure our craving we would definitely have to try this place called Sammy’s Wild Game Grill over on Washington Ave. It will no doubt have the type of game we are craving I mean it does say Wild Game in the name. haha

It’s a little tricky getting there due to the fact there is a one way street that goes along side of the restaurant. After a couple of u-turns we made it. The parking lot if you can call it a parking lot consists of I think like 5 spaces total, so it might just be easier to park on the street. It was kinda of a cool layout thou I mean it had a drive-thru, that was really cool. But other than that it was really original, the sign is what made the building!

We walked in and it was kinda small with a bar, but there was patio dining so I wasn’t worried. We looked at the menu and were amazed of all the type of meats they had Buffalo, Venison, Antelope, Angus. They also offer Ostrich, Kangaroo, Yak, Elk, Rattle Snake, but those are the Seasonal Meats so they wont always have them in stock.

We first ordered our drinks which we asked for an opinion from the waiter. Frozen Sangria he said, It’s homemade and will hit the spot. We said we will have two! We got the drinks and first took a look at the drink and it had a deep dark purple color to it which made me taste wine already. I took the first sip and right away you tasted wine but it didn’t overpower you, I would say they figured out the perfect combination to make your taste buds wanting more!

The food was next, so we decided on different things for everyone. I ordered the Game Trio Sliders which consists of Buffalo, Elk,and Antelope. My cousin Daniel ordered the Pheasant Hot Dog with Purple Cabbage, Feta Cheese, and Pickled Relish for the toppings. We wanted to try the Burger so we got one of those, and a order of there amazing Sammy’s Wild Fries.

First off was the Game Trio Sliders, they are served in three little burgers and have little Sammy’s Flags in them to let you know which is which ,I thought was a nice touch. I tried each one at a time and I would say there wasn’t really a difference in either one so I though man I could of ordered one big burger. Haha So I would say they were ok.

Next, was the Pheasant Hot Dog. My cousin had the first bite and right away he told me unbelievable. So I took the other half and ate it and all I could say was wow, this might have been the best hot dog I have ever had. All of the topping with the juicy dog was a perfect combination in my mouth. Next time I go, I am definitely picking purple cabbage, feta cheese, and pickled relish.

The Ostrich burger was up to the plate next. Im going to keep this one short, it was kinda dry and didn’t have much of a taste to it so I guess all I could say was it was a average burger to me. The only thing I liked about that burger was the bun. It was made with the same type of bread a pretzel has so that to me was something different.

And finally I would say the best item that Sammy’s Wild Game Grill has is called Sammy’s Wild Fries! French fries tossed with a Fried Egg, Bacon Bits, Chives, and Cheese covering the top of it. Mmmmmmm this is not something you need to eat if your on the Atkins diet hahah. I couldn’t stop eat the fries until my cousin wanted some so i had to share.

So Me, my cousin Daniel, and friend Abel would have to give this place a good but not great rating. We were expecting something to knock our socks off but instead we had a ok experience,but don’t get me wrong I would come back when my craving for something exotic returns hahaha.

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