Cafe Pita

I am tired of always eating the same old Mexican, American, and Italian. I told myself why don’t I try something new. So I took a trip to a Bosnian cafe called Cafe Pitas. Its a little cafe with about ten tables in the place, but had a very nice setting almost like a old family restaurant. With the kitchen behind glass you were able to view your food being prepared if you want which in my mind was a nice touch.

The service wasn’t up to my standards because first off no one even came up to me to ask if I wanted to be seated, I had to go almost to the back of the restaurant just to find the only waiter they had working that night.

Besides that incident I was seated and asked my drink order, I asked is there any type of Bosnian drink you offer? He said you need to try Cockta! I asked what that was and he replied it is a coca-cola type drink but a little sweeter. I ordered two,But when they came out I took a gulp and right away sweet wasn’t in my vocabulary all I can think of was TART! So I ordered water to wash down the taste.

Next, I ordered a appetizer called Meza. It was a assortment of dried meats and foreign cheeses, and in the middle had a spicy cabbage stuffed pepper. I very much enjoyed the taste of every little thing on this plate and goes great with the pita bread. I would highly recommend this in the future.

The main course came and it was the Mixed Platter. It was a huge tray full of meats and rice. The section of meats contains Bosnian sausage links kinda like our breakfast sausage. Chicken and beef kebabs and a stuffed Pljeskavica which is pretty much a meat triangle with spicy brown gravy filling…very tasty. And to top everything off it had a good helping of basmati rice or white rice as us Americans like to call it. hahah

Overall my food experience was awesome definitely coming back. On the other hand the service really could use some help with customer service and getting the food out faster. So all of the unemployed waiters out there go and apply at Cafe Pita, People need there food! haha

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