Green House Food Truck

Green House has been on the streets of Dallas since Feb 2010.

I thought I would never get to Green House Truck. The one food truck I wanted to visit more than any of the others. So today I finally made it! I was standing in front, first in line, waiting…No menu on the outside so I could not even decide before they opened their doors. What will it be?? You see Chef Hutchison’s focus is healthy homemade and local seasonal foods and because of that, you do not know what will be on the menu! Open Open Open! Bing up go the windows! I see the menu…Specials today are hot Apple Cider and Chicken Noodle Soup. Gosh, I have to try chicken noodle soup and I think I will try a Miso Steak Ciabatta Sandwich with that. I place my order and then I get the sad face, “I am sorry, our bread is on its way, it was delayed in traffic.” Hummmm, “How delayed?” I ask. “Let me call and see where he is.” The bread was only one light away… I will wait please! “ I will just wait right over there until you can prepare my sandwich.” At which time Chef Hutchinson, jumps out of a truck, (into a big puddle of water) bringing fresh bread and chicken noodle soup. While I wait I enjoy a great cup of Apple Cider and in no time flat, my soup and sandwich are ready for me to eat. And the wait was worth every single second. The chicken noodle soup is hot, full of chucks of chicken, onions, carrots and homemade noodles. The broth is infused with an amazing chicken and herb flavor.

I may have to go back just for Chicken Noodle Soup before it leaves the menu. Then, Fresh Ciabatta bread sliced and toasted on the grill topped with a walnut basil pesto and grilled seasonal veggies and steak cooked to perfection.

Customer service is amazing. They were so concerned that I was waiting to get what I wanted. I know some people would be upset, either leave or order something else, but come on guys, getting GREAT food, and what you are craving is always worth a few minutes. After all I had already driven 23 miles (one way) just for them! I cannot wait to go back and see what new will be on the menu next.

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