Bridgeport Pasty

I mentioned in one of my earlier reviews that food trucks in Chicago have a distinct challenge to overcome in order to be successful. Prohibited from altering their food from the time it enters the truck places challenges on maintaining freshness and customizations, and limits the types of cuisines that can effectively be served.

Many food trucks have risen to the challenge and failed, allowing these restrictions to bind them from creating great food. Yet others have triumphed, finding new ways to bring delicious new foods into the hands of Chicago.

When Bridgeport Pasty was making its preparations to launch a few months back, I noticed the attention to detail that its owners possessed. Posting updates regularly on both Twitter and their Website, they were able to both educate potential customers about both their wares and the very special truck they were going to sell them in. Likewise, they were able to cultivate a fan following, and excite a customer base before they launched about a month ago.

This attention to detail and creativity combined with such passion for the type of food they wanted to bring to Chicago had them near the top of my list for new places to try out this fall.

When Celia and I noticed that they were serving in a Bridgeport park instead of downtown, we became excited. The opportunity to try the food truck became more accessible than ever to the family crowd, and we figured that it would be fun t try Bridgeport Pasty in it’s namesake neighborhood.,

Their truck is quite possibly the cutest food truck ever. Designed to be eco friendly, it is electric powered and very petite. Since Food Trucks are prohibited from cooking on location, the small size is a benefit since they have no need for it to contain a kitchen. Also, given that most of the time they are setting up shop downtown in the business district, its compact size makes it much easier to find available parking near their intended destinations.

The pasties were gorgeous to behold with their shiny, golden brown crust. Tiny cracks throughout pulled back to reveal the beautiful fillings inside. They smelled delicious too, with the aroma of biscuits and stew wafting up to our noses as soon as we took the empanada like meat pies out of their brown paper sacks.

The crust was delicious. Crisp and crackly on its outermost layer, yet tender and flakey the rest of the way down to the filling. It had a light butteriness to it, and its flavors and textures existed somewhere between the qualities of biscuits, fresh pretzels, croissants and pie crust. It truly was the highlight of the whole meal, and it was incredibly addictive.

The filling itself was delicious as well. The Yooper had the savory flavors of a fine beef stew. Perfect for a crisp fall afternoon. It might be my Irish ancestry, but there is always something innately comforting about slow cooked beef in a gravy with root vegetables, that warms me to the bone.

The Chic-pot-pie, was a surprise, because I expected it to taste more like the pot-pies of my youth, and yet while many of the ingredients were the same (chicken, carrots, peas, etc.) there was the delightful surprise of curry in the gravy that brought a fun surprise to the party. The surprise wasn’t as well received by Celia (who is not a big fan of yellow curry) but they were both quite good to me. We both are eager to go back, and have more of their wares in the future.

Of all the food trucks I have visited in Chicago thus far, this has been my favorite. The food holds up well in the truck, and it is a very satisfying meal as the days are starting to grow colder. If you find that Bridgeport Pasty is swinging by your part of the windy city for the day, you need to check them out.

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