Endless Summer Tacos

Endless summer taco’s is an authentic mexican taco and burrito food truck. Prices aren’t quite the $4 burrito, $1.50 taco you’ll find in Cali, but they’re great in New York. If you’re walking down Bedford and see this staple hanging around N 6th, be sure to grab yourself a bite.

Serving real Mexican glass bottled cola’s and freshly made taco’s or burritos, if you’ve got a hankering for Mexican I suggest you seek this taco truck out. Unlike some of the other food trucks in the city, this truck has over 2 years experience hitting the streets, and has stayed true to its roots. Expect this truck to be there to satisfy a burrito craving on your rainy day.

That’s where I said “I’m so full, but this taste’s so good.” The $6 chicken burrito was stuffed with beans, rice, cilantro, and an almost spicy chicken, along with sour cream and green tomatillo sauce, my simple request of no onions provided me with a mouthwatering delight. Along with my water, I was set for the evening after I devoured that tasty treat.

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