The Burger Guru

The Burger Guru is a burger joint with a strict mandate, organic for all! Every meat in the place is certified USDA Organic and, well, there are quite the choices in meats!

The menu is stacked with all the great burger options, and more! You want Bison? I did. What about Antelope? Lamb? Turkey, Alligator, Wild-boar? Talk about options. While, not every choice is available everyday, there’s bound to be something to whet your appetite. There’s a fairly large bar and 5 or 6 tables inside. It was a perfect fall day in the city though, so I sat outside. The patio area was large and had community bar table along with some picnic and smaller tables. Looked like a great place to meat a group of friends and watch the game.

I ordered myself a classic cheeseburger combo using bison meat with sweet potato fries. There was a special on the day, with every combo came a PBR. So I gladly accepted that as well.

My meal.

The Bison Burger was great. Hearty, filling, and juicy. I ordered my burger medium-well, and there was just a hint of pink inside. I suggest ordering it how you wish, because mine was cooked perfectly. Also, the bun was toasted and had excellent color with just the right amount of crisp to be warm and soft.

The combo comes with a small dish of coleslaw, which was satisfying. I’m not a big fan of coleslaw, and I tend to prefer the kind without any mayonnaise, which this had, but I gave it a try and I liked it. You should too!

The Sweet Potato fries were perfectly cooked. Just the right amount of salt, amazingly crispy, and not over oiled. They were delicious.

Check out The Burger Guru’s Organic Burgers on the corner of N 8th St and Berry today!

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