Cafe Royal Brooklyn

Cafe Royal Brooklyn is a fairly large cafe on Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Its a great spot to grab a coffee, tea, or freshly made juice and hop on the internet or read a book. Locals frequent this cafe to read the news and catch up on some work. The music is varied and definitely not your standard cafe music. Most of the time, classic 80’s style rock is pouring out of the speakers, although a few modern songs sneak their way into the playlist every so often.

What’s unique about this cafe is that their quality of food is just divine. On this day I ordered a small Iced Tea and a Turkey Club sandwich. 13.75 is a little steep for an afternoon lunch upon first glance and might steer a few potential customers out of the door. Luckily, upon first glance of your meal as it arrives at your table, you forget all about the price.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. This sandwich was filling, tasty, and spectacularly presented. The turkey was fresh, the salad was crisp, and the tea was iced. What more could I ask for?

The decor of the place is pretty standard new york bistro. Old school desks and chairs abound, along with antique cabinets and desks.

If you’re in Greenpoint, check out Cafe Royal Brooklyn for a good coffee and an even better sandwich.

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