H-town StrEATs

H-town StrEATS was the food truck of choice today as Ashlie visited with the creative duo of Matt Opaleski and Jason Hill to get a peak at the Dirty Sanchez hot dog and the fried cauliflower. H-town StrEATs is one of the veteran food trucks on the scene and there is good reason they have been around for a while……The food!<

One quick peak at the menu and you can quickly over order because it is pretty intense. Since the menu is constantly changing and staying fresh you really need to take advantage and order an item if is peaks your interest, do not wait. Matt Opaleski and Jason “Big Sexy” Hill are really laid back and after spending some time with them you instantly find that they love what they do. Long days and hard work most days working crazy hours are pretty common for these guys but they eat it up and are living the America Dream of working for themselves. Does it get any better then this? YES, Someone needs to put these guys in a restaurant to let them spread their wings a bit.

H-town StrEATS food truck can often be found at Inversion Coffee House on Montrose or at the Boneyard Drinkery on Washington Avenue. These guys are creating great food and putting their hearts into it, I will take that any day.

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