Indulge Burgers & More

I have heard about Indulge Burgers & More scrumptious cuisine for nearly a year, but have yet to venture to that side of town to try it out. Mom and Jason came into town, and I have to pick up my Jeep from the dealership just a few miles up the road. What a perfect opportunity!

Indulge Burgers has a prime corner location in a shopping center in North Scottsdale, notorious for its high end clientèle and fabulous array of excellent food offerings. There is a small outdoor space with a few tables, and we entered at the end of the lunch rush. The dining room and bar were nearly full, although most of the tables were slowly opening up as busy workers prepared to return to the office for the rest of their day.

We were greeted shortly upon entering, and waited just a few moments before being seated, while the staff cleaned off a table that had just opened up. The menu’s were placed in front of us with small pencils so that we could order one of their creations, or create our own perfect burger. After much trepidation, we all agreed on what we wanted to try.

I ordered the Vesuvius Volcanic burger, one of their signature burgers. This burger comes with the disclaimer “Try It To Believe It & Be Careful!” Melty cheese oozing out of this burger, boy that sounds like heaven in my mouth! This burger is cooked to medium-well (it’s the one burger you can’t pick your temperature) and served on a brioche bun and is stuffed with molten cheese and topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion. I don’t care for tomato on my burgers, so I asked them to leave that in the kitchen. Upon receiving it, it looked like an ordinary burger, nothing special. As I slice it in half, the cheese oozes out all over my plate. I’m more excited now, surely this is going to melt in my mouth.

Much to my disappointment, this burger just was not up to par. The bun became incredibly soggy, especially the bottom from the cheese that had oozed all over the plate. No problem, I’ll just mop it up with the burger so I don’t miss out! The cheese didn’t stand out, nor did the burger. The burger came out medium-rare and much of it was still very pink; I tend to like my burgers a little more done. Seasoning was virtually non-existent, especially when you understand that the only distinct flavor I could taste was the red onion. Overall, a complete disappointment for this dish, surely everyone else fared better than I did.

My brother, Jason, also ordered the Vesuvius Volcanic burger as his base, although he created a custom burger. He ordered his on the wheat bun, with jalapeño jack cheese, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce cap, mustard, and mayonnaise. Well, he didn’t cut his in half, but the cheese oozed all over his hands and face; it was a complete and utter mess of a burger to eat…but that’s a good sign, right? Oops! The kitchen left the jalapeño jack cheese off, the mayonnaise and mustard were in small cups on the plate, and the grilled onions were incredibly greasy. The cheese that oozed out of the burger and onto the plate because so mixed up with the grease from the grilled onions that he couldn’t even mop up the cheese with his burger the way I did. Strike two.

My husband, Gregg, ordered one of the daily specials, the Chili Cheese Burger, which came with french fries. It looked wonderful, even though the cheese hadn’t fully melted over the top. One bite and you realize what went wrong…the chili! It tasted as if they browned up ground beef with chili powder and cumin, threw in kidney beans and called it chili. I guess they ran out of tomato to truly bring it together as a chili. Definitely not anything to write home about, after all, a chili cheese burger is just as much about the chili as the burger. Strike three.

Mom ordered the Montana Dog “Ask Why” which was a huge all beef Vienna dog, made specially for Indulge Burgers & More, served with grilled onions on a sourdough roll. This thing is big!!! The dog itself has a great flavor, however, the onions were more cooked than any of us cared for, and without mustard, it was really missing something. Thank goodness there was some leftover mustard from Jason to slap on the dog. Now, that definitely helped make this a good dog, but nothing still, nothing special. Strike four.

We ordered two sides to share, one ½ & ½ order with fries and onion strings and one ½ & ½ order with fries and sweet potato fries. The fries were all cooked differently, some were rock hard, others were fine. The sweet potato fries were nothing special, just sweet potato thrown in a fryer. The star of this order were the onion strings, and while it was the best thing amongst the two plates, it still failed to have a “WOW” factor. To make it even worst, nothing was hot, not even as soon as it arrived at the table.

One of the most accepted principles in the food world is that eat with your eyes first. The food looks absolutely delicious! How deceitful the eyes can be…

Amazingly, everyone at the table was unanimous in their opinion that this was not some place we would come back to. We all felt you could get a better burger elsewhere, especially for the price. In North Scottsdale with the name Indulge, I expect to leave feeling as if I have just indulged myself, especially when it cost $74 for four burgers and two side orders. I almost wish I had ordered the Groupon they put out a few weeks ago for 50% off, even though I don’t even think the meal was worth that much. So all the raving reviews I had heard from friends and family over the past year must have been for some other restaurant by the same name, because the meal we had was not anything special and left me with no uncontrollable desires to return anytime soon.

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