Bodegas Taco Shop

Bodegas Taco Shop is a staple of the Houston museum district. Many museum patrons, myself included, are not content to simply choose the cafe located inside museums, and getting “out” for lunch adds to the adventure of the day. Bodegas is conveniently located between the MFAH, Science Museum, and Children’s Museum, and is worth a stop because of its solid food, quick service, and charming interior.

We really didn’t know what to expect upon entering Bodegas – we had passed by dozens of times and all we could really gather was that tacos must be served among other things. Bodegas is actually very similar to Mission Burrito or Chipotle – most of their business seems to be burrito-based. In addition to the “burrito line,” however, they have some menu items like seafood and chicken, and I hope to try some of these next time. The food is good – on par or better than what you would find at a burrito chain. One thing that is unique is the sheer number of sauces/salsas that are available. Try avacado ranch, papaya habenero, or chimichuri. My burrito was standard chicken with additions like cheese, sour cream, and roasted corn. My buddy’s tacos tasted a little better, but the burrito has the advantage of sheer quantity.

Bodegas has a neat ambiance, very eclectic. They also have plenty of room outside, and I can only guess that this place gets pretty busy on weekends and holidays. We were seated in a very comfortable booth area and the atmosphere is extremely relaxed. Good location, good food, decent value, Bodegas gets a thumbs up.

Location: Bodegas Taco Shop

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