Flaming Patties

Today we sent Ema to check out a food truck named Flaming Patties as it served up some gourmet burgers to the visitors of Karbach Brewing in Houston, Texas. Owner and chef Stiles Smith has created some tasty burgers that have a little more flame to them. Spicy but not overpowering was the description that Ema had when trying out the Nasty Patty which is embeded with pickled jalapenos. With other names like Blue Betty and Juicy Lucy this burger truck has something for everyone.

Upon contacting food trucks that we wanted to visit in Houston, Texas the owner of Flaming Patties named Stiles Smith was quick to invite us to a beer tasting event that is held at Karbach Brewing. Upon seeing the line of fans that merged straight to Flaming Patties I knew we would see burger and beer magic. Think about it…. What goes great with outstanding beer? An outstanding burger and when you add spicy burgers to the mix you get people washing it down with more beer.

Flaming Patties food truck can usually be found at the Shady Tavern in the Heights area of Houston, Texas so if you like a little spice in your life or Burger you need to try one. Personally I can not wait to get back out to Flaming Patties to try the Juicy Lucy I have also been hearing so much about.

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