Swig Urban Pub

Swig is located on the ever busy Henderson Ave. We arrived early 6:00pm on a Friday for dinner. They have a nice patio which faces Henderson and is lovely in the evening with the twinkly lights on.

The interior is nice, sporting a kind of eclectic-retro decor. Plenty of TV’s and seating around the bar and if you feel a little chilly, then cozy up to the fireplace.

As we look at the menu it is quite extensive.

The beverage menu is long; 3 pages of beer and 3 more pages of mixed drinks and other adult beverages J. I decided to mix this meal up. The Mad Mussels on the appetizer menu sound great and if it is as good as it sounds, I want the WHOLE thing.

Yes, I was right, this was so good you did not want to share! The flavor of the mussels was over the top. The bacon Dashi really sets the tone for this dish. P.I.E. mussels topped with bacon dashi, freshly cooked bacon bites and slice fresh jalapeño chilies, make your mouth water with goodness. And for good measure they give you a baguette for “sloppin.” They must know that it is needed or else we just might pick up our bowls to get every last drop of dash.

My husband ordered the special of the evening – Cioppino! Now you are talking about a man who likes red meat and no bones or shells. I shoot him a look that without words relayed my thought: “REALLY!” Well, he must have known what he was doing. This has to be one of the BEST cioppino we have ever had. But then most do not make a slightly spicy version like this one. The stock was perfect and the seafood all cooked just right. Makes me want to go back right now, but since it is a special it may not be on the menu L.

To go along with both of those dishes we ordered the funghi flatbread. This flatbread starts with a wonderful crust and then is topped with wild mushrooms that have been sautéed in garlic butter, brie and fresh thyme. For dessert, I picked the Booker Bourbon Brownies. These were nothing short of delectable. The brownies were cut into little squares and had blueberries and a strawberry on top. Just a simply divine way to end an evening.

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