The Stand

The Stand is located on McKinney Ave, where there are dining choices are aplenty.

The Stand has a cute kind of art-deco outside. Inside is stark and sleek with bright blue walls and an airstream trailer cut in half. Half is used for beverages and the other half as the ordering/pickup window. I had heard it described as a food truck stuck inside a restaurant and that really was not the feel I got.

The menu has a selection of Sides, Doggies, Standwiches and Meats(burgers). We ordered: tater balls (tots), half nude and half sweet potatoes, a “Mac Daddy Dog”, and a “Dog Pile”.

The tater balls were nothing to write home about, average at best.

Now let’s talk dogs…

“The MAC DADDY Dog” Just call the ambulance now … you are going to need it! The Mac Daddy is a jumbo Nathan’s dog that has been wrapped in bacon and fried, topped with mac n’cheese, and then with chili, now add some cheese. The menu said it was topped with two Tearjerker Onion Rings; ours only came with one. All served on a hoagie bun. My husband declared this the BEST dog. “

“Dog Pile” is a Nathan’s dog with BBQ brisket, white queso, onions and tomatoes. The brisket is done nicely, it’s moist and has a good flavor. The white queso is good, too, but wish I had some as a side along with some chips. But that dog….yuck. There is nothing worse than an over cooked hot dog and that is what I got. I managed to get two bites down and I was done. Now the brisket and queso went down fine. The dog, well, it went down, too — down the disposal.

My thought on the way out the door was…”I wonder where Weiner Man or the Butchers Son is tonight. With so many other good choices on McKinney, I would not go back. Insert: outdoor dining

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