Bronson Rock Burgers And Beer

I always prefer to eat outdoors when the weather is conducive to it. Here in Texas this typically translates to a few months a year. Since time is limited, I try to soak up as much outdoor eating as I can during the spring and autumn months. To help me do that I need to know about as many places with outdoor dining as possible. This can be a bit tricky as the patios are often hidden in the back or in a courtyard. Bronson Rock Burgers and Beer recently opened in Keller, TX, a Ft. Worth suburb. To my delight, it has a large outdoor patio. Now the only question that remains is whether or not the food is any good.

Bronson Rock offers food, drinks, live music and they even have plans to add pool tables to the mix in the near future. They are located on Main Street in the historic part of Keller, just south of the famous Up ’N’ Smoke BBQ. There is parking available on either side of the restaurant. If you own a motorcycle you will appreciate the special motorcycle parking lot immediately next to the building. Don’t let that intimidate you though. This is not a neighborhood biker bar by any means. In fact, I noticed several families with small children on my visit.

The staff is also very friendly, though a bit slow to check up on you. It took almost 15 minutes after receiving my menu before I was able to place my order. While I waited I took advantage of their happy hour special and had a Shiner bock. My food arrived promptly and hot from the kitchen once my order was placed. I ordered a Classic Rock Cheeseburger ($6.99) and a Bag of Rags aka French Fries ($2.49). There were plenty of fries which is a good thing since I was sharing with my son. I ordered my burger with the works and instead of the standard pickles it had a slice of pickle that spanned the entire width of the bun. I was told that they had sampled dozens of different varieties and cuts until they found the perfect pickle! The burger was thick and came on an excellent poppy seed bun. When it comes to burgers the attention to small details such as these are what it takes to stand out. Bronson Rock has succeeded in standing out and I will back for more. I just hope they hurry up and get those pool tables soon!

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