TX Delizioso

Tx Delizioso is a one of six new food trucks to arrive on the Dallas scene in February 2012. Blending a Texas classic beverage and American’s favorite Italian food, Sydney Brown and Lauren Noblett offer made to order pizza and other Italian entrees. And you think Pizza? Okay, BUT ON A FOOD TRUCK?!!! Yep, they have a gas fired oven on board so you can get a nice, fresh, hot pizza! And about that Texas classic beverage? They offer pizza made with Shiner Bock beer dough topped with a big selection of standard pizza ingredients … but come on, Shiner Bock beer dough?? You bet, and it tastes awesome! If pizza’s not what you want to today, try the Meatball Sandwich, or the Chicken Parmesan as entrée or sandwich.

Feeling more Texan today? Then try Texas staples of Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Fried Chicken or . . . Texas Fried Bison.

The contrast of familiar Texas favorites and comforting savory Italian choices continues in the soups, salads and sandwich menu PLUS the dessert choices.

Chuck Wagon Stew or Pasta Fagioli?

Side Garden Salad or Ceasar Salad?

Homemade Cobbler or Connolies?

This truck has a menu to satisfy you, whichever one of you showed up today. Insert TX Delizioso So what do I choose in this place “Where Texan Meets Italian?” When I read that, I thought, HMMMM??? After one taste the HMMM?, turned to MMMM!

Texans love their Chicken Fried Steak, but how in the heck can you turn it Italian? TX Delizioso makes it seem so simple. Just grab a quality steak , then introduce it to some Italian breadcrumbs , fry it, and then give it some good old gravy for dipping. The breading is just right, meat is nice and tender. It is so good you don’t even need the gravy. BUT, that gravy is seasoned and just the right thickness, so you are going to want it too. You have the beef and the gravy screaming TEXAS and then the breadcrumbs harmonizing in with I-t-a-l-y.

The zucchini rounds are pretty typical but the breading is the same as on the chicken fried steak, making these zucchini rounds different in a totally good way.

Now for desert. MMMM, how about some peach cobbler? Now once again, TX Delizioso puts an Italian twist to this very homey dessert. Take an Italian cookie and put it with some peaches for a really different twist. MM MM MMM!

Now I want to go back and try something more Italian! Next visit, it’s a whole pizza (and not just the taste), maybe some Mozzarella Balls, all topped off with a Cannoli for dessert … or maybe a Zeppole for something lighter with a dreamy chocolate dipping sauce (that’s what the menu promises and they sure delivered on this visit) for a little decadence.

The fun thing about Food Trucks is they specialize in making food fun. Sydney Brown and Lauren Noblett have given us another way to enjoy the Food Truck Experience.

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