The Munch Box

Beef Wagyu and Potato Pave are not words you would normally expect to describe a meal you ordered from a food truck. Yet those are exactly the words used to describe my recent lunch from The Munch Box. Beef Wagyu (pronounced wag-you) is known as the American Kobe. It comes from a special breed of cattle that are specially bred to have a high marbling content. In other words, it’s expensive and yummy! Pave (pronounced pa-vay) is a French word meaning square or paving stone.

The presentation was a bit of a contradiction. The 8 ounce Ribeye cut was thinly sliced much like a porterhouse. It was drizzled with a delicious balsamic steak sauce. The potato pave was perfectly browned on top and adorned with a few green onions. They were both gently rested inside of a cardboard box. Wait what? Gourmet food in a cardboard box? Well, the truck is named the Munch Box so it is fitting. It was actually a cardboard bento box and would be very handy if you would like to get your food to go. Overall I thought the presentation was great and much nicer than what I was expecting.

The quality of the food was impressive. Not just for a food truck either. The steak was rich and flavorful. It was tender but it was still a bit of a struggle to cut with the plastic fork that was provided to me. My only beef (sorry, I couldn’t resist) was that the meal was on the small side. While the heavy marbling of the Beef Wagyu adds to the flavor, it also means more shrinkage when it is cooked. A small portion of steak would have been okay if there had been enough side items to leave me feeling satisfied. Unfortunately, the Potato Pave only amounted to four or five bites. The fact that the potato’s were heavenly only added to my feeling of wanting more.

Portions aside, my meal was served up very fast. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Many gourmet restaurants can be intimidating with dress codes, menu’s with fancy words you can ‘t pronounce, or less than friendly staff. None of that exists at the Munch Box which makes for a great dining experience.

For those of you who appreciate great food and have a small appetite, I highly recommend The Munch Box.

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