Bacon Wagon Food Truck

Bacon Wagon visited DALLAS . WooHoo!!! If you don’t like bacon, then just skip this review. This little truck is big on Bacon! You will find 5 items + specials on the menu. While a small list, the quality is high. AND when I ordered, I got dessert FIRST!! Now that is the way I like to be served!

Tonight we opted for a Texacon (bacon, lettuce & Tomato with Green Chilies and spicy mayo), Cheessy (cheddar, goat cheese, bacon, & Tomato) AND Bacon Bread Pudding. Since they had to cook our sandwiches and the bacon bread pudding was ready they gave that to us first. I happen to L-O-V-E a good bread pudding. Nothing makes me happier than to find a great one. To me bread pudding has to be not too mushy, so the bread still stands on its own and not so dry you feel like you are eating a sponge. It must have plently of vanilla, and butter and it is so good at that point anything else is extra, sometimes good extra and sometimes NOT. And this time Bacon Wagon’s Bread pudding was EXTRA good, even GREAT, and then they added the bacon. OMG, KILLER!!! If I had not already ordered two sandwiches, I would have had MORE! We saved two bites to finish our meal after the sandwiches.

First up, let me tell you about the Cheeessy. I think this may be the BEST grilled cheese EVER! They put the cheddar cheese on the outside and grill it so you get that chrispy yumminess, then you bite into the bread and inside is soft creamy goat cheese and bacon and tomato…mmmmmm. I think I went to grilled cheese heaven!

Next was the Texacon. The bread is grilled and inside there is bacon Lettuce & Tomato with the perfect amount of green chiles and some spicy mayo. This is a Fantastic BLT! (but I still like CHEEESSY better). Next time, I add the fried egg to put this one waaay over the top.

Bacon Wagon is a Fort Worth based truck that doesn’t make its way to Dallas very often. It was worth the wait … and after having tried their food, it’s probably worth the drive to Fort Worth when I get that bacon craving that won’t be denied.

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