Ryusei Dumpling – Tokyo

Really great Chinese Dumplings and an “OK” bowl of Ramen noodles in Tokyo.

Really great Chinese Dumplings and an “OK” bowl of Ramen noodles in Tokyo. Ryusei Dumpling is the place and I found it late one night walking around Tokyo but it was closing so I returned the next day for lunch.

The restaurant is has a narrow counter that you order from and eat at. In speaking with the chef that spoke english I learned that the specialty was chinese style dumplings. I also learned that they had Japanese style Ramen noodles so I ordered both for lunch.

I was served a small salad with a really nice house dressing, looks just simple but really good in my opinion.

The grilled dumplings came out and wow they were spot on as far as having fresh ingredients and the perfect dumpling dough. I could easily eat a dozen of these and fall asleep for the rest of the day, they were just so very good.

A big bowl of the ramen noodles came out next so I mixed it up and began to eat it.

The noodle texture was good and it is a big hearty bowl, but I think there was just too much of a layer of oil or something greasy in the bowl that I just did not like.

I like this place but if I was going to recommend it to someone I would need to tell them to stick with the dumplings and not the ramen noodles.

Location: Ryusei Dumpling

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