Snappy’s Cafe & Grill

The city of Katy, Texas is home to one of the best places to get a great meal and see a familiar hometown face, a cafe and grill named Snappy’s.

On a typical weekend you will see the crowds hit this eatery as mid-morning hunger strikes the residents of Katy, TX. The lines begin to form, but the over 14 years of experience that the Snappy’s crew has makes quick work of getting you seated for your meal.

Bring your appetite and do not hold back on trying some of the favorites like the “Snappy’s Super Omelette” or my personal favorite “Country Deuces”. Want to know whats in it? You will just need to visit!!

Everything is made fresh and from personal experience I can tell you that the daily lunch specials are what food comas are made of!! Hint: Tuesday lunch special is Beef Tips with 3 sides and cornbread.

I have been visiting Snappys for a few years now and I love to take the family because the food always puts a smile on their faces. I also like to go to Snappy’s during the week when the wife does not see me eating the heart healthy “Country Deuces” haha, #YouOnlyLiveOnce, #biscuits&gravy.

I was a bit leary about sharing this gem as I know it only leads to others filling the tables, but the big difference about Snappy’s is that home town feeling you get so the more the merrier!!

Location: Snappy’s Cafe & Grill

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