We last met Justin, the head chef of Bernies Burger Bus, in 2010 when they were still serving their creative concoctions out of just their trusty food truck. Since then they have opened two brick and mortar locations and still have operational food trucks. The thing I love most about Bernie’s is their unique theme and relatability. They take something simple, grade school and school buses, and commit to incorporating different aspects into everything from the menu items to their decor. The planning and attention to detail is impeccable. As you can tell I was already intrigued by their brand and so I had to check out the food.

It was a beautiful day so I decided to sit outside on the patio. The Katy location is at La Centerra in Cinco Ranch and the patio is right next to a pond and small waterfall. It was so perfect. I took a seat and I was greeted promptly by a very nice server who was more than happy to tell me about the menu, their new items, and make recommendations. I can’t tell you how much I love a knowledgable waitstaff. I started off with a small order of their truffle fries. I had heard many great things about these babies and since everything is a la carte I figured that was a good place to begin while I took in the rest of the expansive menu. The fries were served hot and fresh with crumbled truffle cheese and green onions. They definitely live up to the hype. I decided for my main course to order The Cheerleader cheeseburger. It is a decadent burger piled high with pepper jack cheese, fried jalapeños, slow roasted garlic tomatoes, lettuce, and a jalapeño ranch sauce. Spicy and full of robust flavor I was pleasantly surprised that the heat was not overwhelming but well balanced.

Bernie’s Burger Bus is truly a unique and well designed establishment. Their waitstaff is attentive, kind, and knowledgable. Their food is amazing and well worth the trip. Check out their website for their locations and their Facebook for more about this one of a kind Houston gem.

Location: Bernie’s Burger Bus