Bernie’s Burger Bus is treating the kid in all of us to tasty burgers made from scratch in Houston, Texas. Today Velia visits with owner and creator of this really fun concept food truck Justin Turner as he is parked in front of one of his stops which is a popular West University bar named the Marquis II.

With menu items with names like The Principal, The Substitute, The Bully, Study Hall, or even the massive burger called Detention we feel Justin has made an “A” on this report card. Hand-Cut French Fries with his very own bottled up Homemade Ketchup was one menu item that everyone seemed to be ordering as well. An actual big yellow school bus houses the kitchen of this street food truck that has created such a buzz here on the streets of Houston, Texas.

Homemade Ketchup – Yes Justin Turner makes his very own Ketchup that is killer with the fries and he has even started to bottle it up for sale because of the request for it. We will be watching this bus and trying to catch it at any stop it makes. Word is there is a second Bernie’s Burger Bus hitting the streets now too since “Class” is getting bigger every day.

Location: Bernies Burger Bus- Katy

Bernies Burger Bus- Bellaire

Bernies Burger Bus- Heights

Bernies Burger Bus- Missouri City