Cappricio’s bills itself as Tapas, Pizza and Vino. During my recent visit I sampled all three and was impressed with each.

The interior of Cappricio’s has an elegant Italian feel to it, with dim lighting and colorful works of art on the walls. The staff was very attentive, even to our pre-school age patron, in this restaurant filled with adults.

About halfway through our mid-week dinner, live entertainment made an appearance in the form of a young woman with an acoustic guitar, a microphone and a voice. The performance was the perfect accompaniment to an already enjoyable setting.

Our meal included a selection of Tapas – fried Manchego cheese, calamari, eggplant parmesan, and lamb chops – as well as a four cheese pizza. The staff gave us the option of selecting the order in which the Tapas was to be served. We asked for them to be served as they became available and quickly received our first dish and each additional dish in rapid succession.

You can easily make a meal by sticking with the Tapas menu, keeping in mind these are true Tapas or “small portions” so it takes several to fill up. But Cappricio’s also features a variety of main courses including the traditional Spanish Paella.

The meal was so delicious, the pizza being among the best I’ve ever had, we decided to try dessert. They offer several Italian and Spanish dessert selections, but their tiramisu is available in a sample size and was fantastic.

Overall, Cappricio’s is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high quality upscale meal out with attentive service.