Dos Paisanos is a new food truck based out of Garland and operates Tuesday-Saturday. Dos Paisano’s is the FIRST food truck in the Dallas Metro area to serve Salvadorian AND Mexican food. The truck is beautifully decorated, fusing the blue & white colors of the Salvadoran Flag with the Red, White and Green national flag of Mexico on a striking black background that is reflective of the cultures. Don’t be alarmed by the flames coming out of the logo. While the food is very fresh and flavorful, none of the dishes we sampled could be described as spicy.

Tonight, two of us devoured three dishes. Carne Asada (Chopped Fajita Meat sauteed with peppers and onions, grilled to perfection, served with rice and beans and (2) homemade tortillas), Pastellitos (3 meat pies stuffed with ground beef and potatoes served with rice and refried beans), and a Pupusa platter (1 pork&cheese,1 bean&cheese,1 cheese topped with curtido, a Salvadorian slaw.

I had two favorites tonight, Pastellitos and Pupusa’s, and both are outstanding.

Pastellitos are little meat pies. You will find these little pies in other countries like Cuba and throughout the Caribbean. While much the same, they will vary in flavor from each county and you will find them both savory and sweet. These little pies were filled with beef and potatoes and then deep fried. They were excellent. I really liked the pico topping, and they came with rice and beans which were both fresh and good.

And the Pupusa’s platter. OMG. These little corn pancakes were awesome! Pupusa is a cross between a pancake and a tortilla using masa flour.Three pancakes, each with a different filling, one had pork and cheese, one bean & cheese and one cheese. They came with a side of Salvadorian slaw called Curtido. This curtido was pickled with cabbage, carrots and onions. Just order a second plate, you will want it!

The Carne Asada came with beans and rice. Their Carne Asada was chopped meat grilled with onions and peppers. Quite nicely flavored and a good portion size with two tortillas.

Next trip I will try the Yucca frita and LOTS more Pupusa’s. The menu is varied and offers something for just about anyone with Sliders, Tacos Al Carbon, Burritos and Tostada featuring a sampling of beef, chicken and cheese versions. Don’t confuse Dos Paisanos with your usual “taco truck”. I found it very refreshing and a welcome addition to the Dallas area food truck options. This is one truck I cannot wait to go back to visit.

Location: Dos Paisanos Gourmet Food Truck