This family owned Cajun restaurant started out selling processed meats and game in 1995 to 1996 and in 1997 welcomed live crawfish to the menu, one of the first places to sell them in our area. After that they moved to their location at I-10 and 1463 and have been delighting patrons there ever since. Now having grown into a full-service restaurant with a bristling menu of Cajun cuisine and Texas flavors Good Ole Boys was just the place I was looking for to have a nice meal.

As we walked up to this quaint little eatery the scent that wafted from the kitchen let me know that this was going to be a great endeavor. There is only outside seating and since it was our first time, one of the lovely waitresses was able to help us find a seat. Everyone was so warm and welcoming – I can’t tell you enough how great the people there were – and the atmosphere is super laid back, which is great for an end of the week guilty pleasure meal.

We took our seats in the middle of the lively covered patio and order drinks. We did not, unfortunately, get to try any of their signature daiquiris but the descriptions of each sounded divine. We decided on boudin balls as an appetizer and being a cajun girl I was way too excited when taking the first bite. They were perfect, really well seasoned and fried to a golden crisp. I have had many a boudin ball in my day and these were among the best. I highly recommend them! Next we ordered our main course which was a shrimp po-boy for my comrade and the special of the day for me – fried catfish. I was eager to try this southern Louisiana staple and when it came out piping hot I was beyond thrilled. The batter was lightly seasoned with a hint of lemon that complimented the white succulent fish so very well. As for the po-boy – the shrimp was breaded wonderfully and the bread they use to house those delicacies is so fluffy! Both entrees were accompanied by wedge fries, to die for, and mine had some of the best hush puppies I’ve had in quite some time. We elected to finish off our dining experience with a slice of “the pie of the day” which happened to be buttermilk. Good gosh, please, whatever you do – leave room for dessert! This pie was so rich and creamy it melted in my mouth. I could’ve had more if the catfish wasn’t so good!

All in all, this small but charming restaurant took me back in time to when I was lucky to live in Louisiana. I can say with full confidence that they do their heritage a great justice with the meals they serve. I will definitely being going back and if you want to know more about Good Ole Boys check them out on Facebook here!

Location: Good Ole Boys Catering & Sales