After months of waiting…and then waiting a little longer ….

It’s finally happened. Hypnotic Donuts opened its doors. Yep, it’s very own doors. No more sharing space with the Pizza Guy.

It has a big new space that’s open weekdays, not just Saturday and Sunday morning. Tables and chairs that were missing before and a couch that you can just sink into while the sweet, smooth creations pass your lips and dance on your tongue before deliciously sliding down the hatch. The new digs look pretty good.

And you can get your groove on while waiting in line with the some serious vinyl playing in the background. Oh yeah! Your eyes aren’t trippin you out. That’s a real record player, with a stack of albums, sending out the sounds of the 60’s through honest to Gawd Advent speakers. Takes me back … oh, my mind’s kinda fuzzy about those days.

Now when you approach the counters you can look into a glass case displaying all those glorious circles of goodness. I swear the lights dimmed and a beam came shining down upon a new creation. The Ghost Chili Iced Donut, with fresh sliced jalapeno and habanero peppers on top, are callin’ my name. I had to have one. I hear that some think it is hot. But really it is just perfect. Tip cut it into chunks rather than trying to take a bite and that will keep the peppers off your lips. This is really important if you have chapped lips!

Of course, one donut will not do,

Almond Around is a chocolate donut with Almonds, coconut, chocolate and Carmel. Sweet, smooth, mellow.

And a S’more – a great new twist on the original concoction you devoured as a kid or on a camping trip. Chocolate, graham cracker and mini-marshmallows are the perfect combination.

And ya gotta have an Elvis – peanut butter and banana! That’s alright, baby. Uhh Hunhh! Thank you very much!!

And since the Brand New Fryer was broken, I had to settle for biscuits and gravy without the fabulous fried chicken.

Wavy Gravy was for me — a fresh, moist biscuit, a little peanut butter, then top it all with peppered gravy. Who da thunk – peanut butter on biscuits and gravy. It was roll your eyes back in your head awesome!

Terry went for the Down Home –just Biscuits and Peppered Gravy. But I caught him sneaking peanut butter from my biscuit! That’s what he gets for not being adventuresome.

It is really good to see a small business growing. And you know what you have to do to keep them in business. GO EAT AT HYPONTIC! Trust me, its worth the drive and once you go, you’ll go back.

Location: Hyponotic Donuts & Biscuits