I have been looking forward to visiting Jonathan’s. It is located in the uber trendy Oak Cliff. We are having brunch. Bunch is such a fun meal, part breakfast, part lunch, sometimes one and not the other. Upon arrival I think I may be the last person to discover it! The patio still has some tables available, but it is a little humid after last night’s rain so we want to dine inside.

This is in a converted house and they have tables inside that will hold about 30 people and we are lucky as we are next in line and just have to wait for a table to clear. And the line just keeps growing.

My head spins as I try to catch what is being delivered to other tables. I am excited; this is going to be a good meal. If you are reading this on a Saturday or Sunday morning, may I suggest you just print this out and get in the car NOW, you don’t want to waste a minute going out for brunch at Jonathan’s.

We are seated at a small table in the corner. Our waitress takes our coffee order. I choose the Bubble and Squeak and my husband orders “The Kure” and we order a Pan de Jon.

Bubble and Squeak is two potato cakes, Greens, two eggs over easy and spicy pan gravy. The gravy is very unique, smooth and spicy and works well with the potato and greens. Those greens were great, how could anyone not like it, with a name like Bubble and Squeak?! Order it because the name is fun, but eat it because it is delicious.

“The Kure”- Maybe they named it wrong. It should be called “The Monster” It is about 6 inches tall and fills the plate! A biscuit, with Sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, Cheddar, Tabasco gravy and Pico de Gallo. You think, how in the world, I can eat that, let me say it is much easier than you would think. This is a monster, of flavor and food. My husband consumed it so fast that I barely got to taste it.

Pan de Jon is bread Custard with a citrus banana syrup and fresh fruit. I was thinking custard in a dish, but no, not something boring like that for Jonathan’s, it is custard soaked bread, grilled like a French Toast. Drizzled with citrus banana syrup which is so yummy and then sprinkled with fresh fruit. Puts French Toast to shame.

So does anyone want to go back next week for brunch? (The table next to us ordered the Peanut Butter Jelly Time Waffle and I have to try it!)

Location: Jonathon’s Oak Cliff