I visited Napoli’s Restaurant and Pizza on a Sunday afternoon with my family. Our first impression of the restaurant included one of the staffers on break smoking within view (and scent range) of the front door.

Upon entering the restaurant, the staff was more professional, quickly greeting us and offering us our choice of seating. The interior of Napoli’s is not extravagant, but includes some wall murals which offer an authentic feel to this family establishment.

Upon reviewing the menu, the lunch specials immediately caught our eye. Several dishes were available for around $6-7, several served with a salad. I ordered the Chicken Marsala (dinner salad included), which included a sauce heavy on the mushrooms and was delectable.

My wife had the shrimp Caesar salad, which had an ample serving of petite shrimp for the size of the salad and they were very well-seasoned. It should be noted that the portion sizes were not your typical Italian restaurant abundant serving. These were most definitely lunch portion and would probably not fill the heartiest of appetites.

Napoli’s doesn’t have a children’s menu, but they do half-size portions of most of their dishes. Our young son opted for a small cheese pizza, which was typical Italian thin-crust style.

My wife finished her meal with a cappuccino and the whipped “cream” on top of the beverage tasted suspiciously like Cool Whip. While we were satisfied with our meal at Napoli’s, we decided for a few extra dollars we could have enjoyed slightly tastier, bigger portions and a better salad at a large scale Italian chain, so Napoli’s is not likely to receive a repeat visit from us.