Recoleta Cemetery is the final resting place of Eva Perón or more widely known as Evita. As the first lady of Argentine President Juan Perón she became very popular with the people of Argentina. Robert and Matt take a walk through Recoleta Cemetery and talk about Eva and other people who now rest in the cemetery.

Recoleta Cemetery receives 500,000 tourist a year and most of them know a bit about the late Evita. As we made our way around the cemetery we saw crowds of people taking pictures and talking about her. Before heading out to the cemetery Robert and Matt researched some of the other interesting stories of people that are buried at Recoleta Cemetery and found that two others needed to be spoken about in this video. The story of Rufina Cambaceres and David Alleno are two stories that add to some of the mystery of Recoleta Cemetery.

If you get a chance to visit Buenos Aires please take a couple of hours to visit the cemetery and you will not be disappointed. You can even get a guide to take you on a tour for a few pesos each.

This video was fun to create and a big thanks to the guys for doing all the research about it before we went.

Cementerio de la Recoleta

Location: Recoleta Cemetery