Have you ever been in the mood to try something fancy, light, and sweet? I was having a hint of a sweet tooth, but it HAD to be worth it! I wanted something better than a donut, something more than a cookie, and something different than crème brûlée…I searched online because now my desire is increasingly getting serious and needed to find something different and special. Here we go…I found it! Let me tell you it was such an amazing place that I am STILL thinking about rise n°2 in Houston, Texas. This French restaurant has been open since 2016, so I am glad it only took me 3 years to get here, lol. So, don’t wait for a special occasion to come to rise n°2, anytime is the right time to have a hot café and a fluffy, sweet soufflé. I fell in love with the location of rise n°2, it is at the corner of Post Oak Blvd, and San Felipe Street on the second floor. It looks cozy, cute, and welcoming! I would have loved to have sit outside but it was pretty warm at the time. From here, you can enjoy the city ambience and admire the Houston buildings above the traffic.

Inside of rise n°2 was impressive to my big brown eyes! Everything inside was very photogenic. I loved the endless display of bottles of wine. You can tell they are proud of their name that is embroidered on the merchandise. Leafless branches with tiny lights served as a wall and decor.

The place settings on the tables were tidy and colorful. Every table was well-lit so any table you chose was perfect. We ordered café and the helpful waitress arrived with a french press, and cream. The café was bold, hot, and strong. We were off to a great start at rise n°2. As we sat at our table, we noticed a glass cup with wooden letters. Scrabble anyone? I really like how they want customers to stay and have an enjoyable time. I noticed underneath my elbows and felt like an opening. I had to see and the table had a storage compartment, very neat! Our nice waitress came to take our order, and I asked her, which was her favorite sweet soufflé. She recommended a seasonal soufflé, pumpkin spice or raspberry soufflé. I thought I would go with the raspberry soufflé. I have to admit I was very excited!

Soufflé time!! Wow! I was very surprised to see the delicious egg-based dish! It was very bouncy and jiggly. Our waitress asked us if I wanted to pour the raspberry sauce on top or if I wanted her to do it. I had her do it because this was my first time and I wanted to watch how she did it. She created a small incision in the middle of the soufflé with a spoon and slowly poured it in. Eventually the gap she created filled up to the top. The soufflé was dusted with powered sugar all around. Yummy!

After the raspberry filled up to the top, she drizzled a swirl design at the top of the soufflé. It looked beautiful!! It being my first time having a soufflé, I feel like I had the best one in Houston. Wendy and I shared this desert because we had just come from having lunch at Lucille’s. However, if it wasn’t because of lunch, I for sure could’ve finished it all by myself. I think it is plenty for one person. I must come back and try their Chariot de Fromages and a savory soufflé. Hopefully, enjoy it while sitting outside as well.

Location: rise nº2