Open (Nov 1), just two weeks now Stackhouse Burgers is located near Baylor in a refurbished house. It has a very charming exterior with patio dining on the side and a rooftop patio that features a view of downtown. The interior has a nice artsy feeling with a musical bluesy-jazzy theme. With a semi-sit down service, you order at the bar and your food is brought to the table.

The menu is simple- single, double or veggie burger. Now you can add things to your burger like avocado, fried egg, bacon, chili, onions, mushrooms, cheese and jalapeno. We ordered a double. The buns are stellar and are toasted but it was soaked by the time I picked it up for the first bite. The burger…not so great. How could it be so greasy and juicy that it dripped and still be devoid of any flavor? It was cooked just like we ordered it Med Rare. It is a good thing it came with lettuce and tomato or there would not have been any flavor at all.

Wherever we go, we usually try the Chili when it is on the menu. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not … We ordered a cup of Texas Chili which came with A LOT of chips. Simple recipe – just meat and broth – I’d have preferred having more onions & cheese. The meat was … well, interesting. There were some chunks of beef that were good and enjoyable but what I assume was ground beef came out mushy. A little Hot Sauce, already on the table like they knew you were gonna need it, helped some. It was just ok.

But the winner here is the Cobb Salad. Who would have thought go to a burger joint and get a great salad?! I can’t say that I have ever wished for more lettuce to go with my salad but today, I almost did. It is LOADED with bacon, eggs, bleu cheese, and avocados.

Next visit, I would skip the burger get a salad or one of those great looking Cuban sandwiches and an order of onion rings. Not as good as I’d hoped it would be, it is definitely worth a second visit.

Location: Stackburger