The Meatball Shop is a unique restaurant with a very simple focus. With five varieties of meatballs and six sauce concoctions there’s bound to be a mix and match for you.

I gave this classic beef and tomato slider a try and it was delicious. About 3-4 bites large, I’d say 3 would make a meal.

My main dish was a chef’s selection of fresh vegetables with veggieballs and a mushroom sauce. This turned out to be an excellent choice, and left me feeling full and healthy. The dishes were very well presented, and both the classic beefball and the veggieballs were most delicious.

The Meatball Shop is also known for its cocktails and late night atmosphere. Its located just a few steps away from the L at Bedford and is open every night till 2am, and weekends till 4am.

Location: The Meatball Shop