The Prairie House is located in Roanoke, TX which not all that long ago was just a quiet country town on the outskirts of Fort Worth. Lately, restaurants have been popping up all around the The Prairie House. However, based on the full parking lot, it would appear that business is still going strong at the Prairie. After my recent visit, I can see why.

With a name like “The Prairie House” you might expect something rustic. It’s a good thing, because that is exactly what you get! Outside you are greeted with old gas station signs and rusty farm equipment. Inside you will find many stuffed animals and antiques lining the walls. There is even a wall made out of old doors!

There is a parlor with plenty of seating while you wait for a table. You can choose to be seated in the smoking side of the restaurant which also has a bar or you can opt for non-smoking. There is a complete wall separating the two sides, so there was no noticeable smoke on the smoke free side where we were sat. The booths are large and comfortable with high backs, which lends towards a feeling of privacy. There were plenty of tables available as well.

The menu is full of southern cooking items that are sure to make your mouth water! I was sad that I had chosen Sunday to come because they serve Prime Rib on Friday and Saturday. I love prime rib and I have heard that it is very good here. The Prime Rib runs $14.95 or $18.95 depending on the size you choose. They are affectionately referred to as the Cowgirl and Cowboy. I wonder how many men order the larger size just so they don’t have to ask for the Cowgirl?

Our meals each came with cornbread and salad. The cornbread was in muffin form and had whole bits of corn and pieces of jalapenos in them. The pieces of jalapeno were a tad hot, so watch out if you have any little ones or people with sensitive to spicy food.

The salad had plenty of lettuce, cheese, and dressing. It came with one slice of tomato but more would have been nice. Croutons would have also been a nice touch.

Since the Prime Rib was not available, I chose the 14 ounce Ribeye steak with a loaded baked potato. My steak was cooked medium, which was just how I ordered it. It was tender and flavorful. You could taste black pepper, but it was not too spicy. The potato was nicely loaded and had chunks of real bacon which gave it a bit of crunch.

The children’s chicken tenders had enough food for my two small children to split. They enjoyed the French fries which were actually potato pressed into the form of a smiley face. Having sampled one, I can tell you that the smiley face must be the reason they liked them because the taste was pretty bland.

My wife ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and was nice enough to share it with me. As a lover of this very Texan dish, I can tell you that it was cooked perfectly. The batter was crispy but not hard while managing to be light yet flavorful. The meat was thick, juicy and tender. The unbelievable part was that this full size portion only cost $8.99! That may just be the best deal on a Chicken Fried Steak dinner in DFW.

We arrived at 7:55p.m. on a Sunday and were seated five minutes later. Our drinks arrived within a few minutes of being seated. I enjoyed the large mason jar which was used as a glass. It really added to the country vibe. Unfortunately, half an hour later I still had not received a refill. The glasses are large, but not so large that a refill wouldn’t have been necessary. Our food arrived promptly and overall, service was about average.

The Prairie house has great tasting, down home cooking; with a fun atmosphere and very affordable prices. That is a recipe for I can go for on a regular basis! I will definitely be going back.

Location: The Prairie House