Tres Casa’s is definitely worth a visit if you will be in the Keller or Far North Ft. Worth area. It is BYOB. So this is especially true if, like most Texans, you enjoy a cold beer with your Tex-Mex!

If you’re not paying attention, you may just drive right by without seeing the restaurant. It is in an old house and therefore set back from the street. They have recently added a small parking lot and there seemed to be plenty of room to park. Upon arrival, we were promptly greeted and told we could sit anywhere we liked. I arrived with my family and a friend after the lunch crowd had already died down, so we had several tables to choose from as well as an outside patio. Being Summer in TX, it was 102 degrees outside. Needless to say, we opted to eat inside. However, they did have plenty of misters and fans going in the shaded patio should we have chosen to eat outside.

The inside was small with probably enough room for about 40 people. There was a mix of booth’s and tables. They also had plenty of high chairs available, which I appreciated having my toddler with me. Decorations were reminiscent of being in Cancun, Mexico. The tables had bright, colorful designs. The walls were also decorated nicely with colorful art and objects, which added to the pleasant feel. My only complaint was that it was rather warm inside. Fortunately, they had several fans running which helped to keep the air circulating.

As previously mentioned, it was 102 degrees outside. Saying that we were a little thirsty would have been like calling Shaquille O’Neal a little tall. Sadly, it took over ten minutes before the waitress asked for our drink order. This is despite the fact that there were only two other tables seated in the entire restaurant. Those of us that ordered soda’s were greeted with a glass of ice and a 20oz bottle of soda. Many restaurants in Mexico serve drinks this way. However, I would have preferred a fountain drink.

Tres Casa’s has a lunch special that runs from 11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. for only $5.99! The fact that it ran until 3:00p.m. was a pleasant surprise as I like to eat after the lunch crowd. Often times, I arrive after the lunch special has already ended. We were quickly provided with chips and salsa. In fact, they arrived well before our drinks which presented a bit of a problem. The salsa was not overly hot, however, a drink would still have come in handy to wash it down. We ordered a side of queso to go with our chips. It tasted like Velveeta with a hint of spice (think very mild Rotel). Overall, it was still enjoyable.

Once we placed our orders, the food arrived fairly quickly. I appreciated that they took the little extra effort to arrange the food on the plate in a pleasant way. The beans had a chip towering out of them as if it was a sail. The rice had been pressed into a small bowl and then inverted onto the plate, retaining the shape of it’s mold. I believe that eating out should be an experience of every sense. All to often, restaurants overlook the visual aspect of our food.

I ordered the Beef Quesadilla’s which had your traditional fajita meat inside. It came with a side of sour cream and guacamole which I appreciated. The steak was very flavorful and there was plenty of cheese oozing out of them. They did not come with a side of rice and beans which would have been nice.

My wife had the enchiladas which gave me a chance to sample more of their menu. It came as two cheese enchiladas covered in a chili con carne (chili with beef) sauce. They had just the right amount of firmness and were not mushy at all. Thankfully, the enchiladas did come with beans and rice which were good but somewhat uninspired.

Tres Casa’s is probably not the place you would choose for an anniversary dinner. However, with is affordable prices, it could easily become your new weekly tradition.

Location: Tres Casas Mexican Grill