Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen located in the La Centerra shopping area of Katy, Texas is more than a social place. It is colorful and has a great ambiance for celebratory occasions. In this case my friends and I met up for a birthday and of course their margarita specialties!! I had previously been there the week before and was super impressed at how well the restaurant was run for a packed Saturday night. I knew it being a Friday lunch that the service would be even better because it was probably less crowded, I was right.

The birthday girl requested to sit outside and the weather could not have been more perfect for Katy, Texas. The waitress came and we told her our drink selection. We ordered a frozen strawberry, pineapple orange, and passion fruit margarita as well as a passion fruit on the rocks with Tajin on the rim. Honestly so far we are finding you can not go wrong with any drink choice there. We loved the passion fruit flavor so much that we ordered another one. I prefer on the rocks because at Ambriza you get the leftovers of the drink in a little glass so I feel like I’m getting two drinks for the price of one. These drinks will put you in the best mood lol!

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen passion fruit margarita
Ambriza Social frozen Strawberry Margarit

We didn’t necessarily feel like we needed appetizers because the chips and salsa were plentiful. The waitress continued to check on us and waited patiently for us to order.

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen chips and salsa

Birthday girl Yuly, ordered Enchiladas verdes. She said, “The enchiladas were moist and the sauce was on point.”

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen enchiladas verdes

I ordered the, taco lunch bowl with braised pork. This was fresh and guilt free. Although it was good, I would probably go with the grilled chicken next time. The braised pork wasn’t what I was expecting. I want to say it’s bc the pork wasn’t very hot since there were green’s involved. I took left overs home for my son and he devoured it, saying “it was pretty tasty.” So had it been warmer it probably would have been better.

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen taco bowl braised pork

Our friend Gail, ordered shrimp quesadillas. She “ordered it because it was Friday during lent season. The shrimp was good with Large juicy pieces. A little too much cheese for my liking but I guess that is the nature of a quesadilla.”

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen shrimp quesadillas

My friend Ana, ordered quesabirrias. She was excited about these because “it was cooked to perfection, the meat was super soft and it melted in your mouth, the seasoning was perfect! and I will definitely have these again.” “She said these were the best she’s ever had!

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen Quesabirrias

As we enjoyed our meal, we noticed other birthday celebrations arounds. We asked our friend if she wanted them to sing for her. She was like, “No, please don’t!” We had a good laugh, cracking jokes. When it was time to pay we split it in 3 instead of 4 because it was her birthday. The waitress was quick and as she smiled said, “Ohhhhh okay, you should’ve told me.” She came back with a crew and a cuartro leches big piece of cake and a sign that read Happy Birthday. So there our friend sat, slightly embarrassed but otherwise in good spirits and went along. Lol!

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen Birthday Celebration

The cuatro leches cake was AMAZING!! So much flavor of the vanilla, cinnamon spice, and rum came through and of course imagine the moisture with four different kinds of milk and cream.

Cuatro Leches at Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen is a lot of fun! You definitely will be treated like first class. Having a celebration there makes it all the more reason to try it out. Even if your celebrating having a night off from your kids, this place will pamper you through their service, food and drinks.

Rating: 5 out of 5.