The Broseley Public Beer House is a small pub located within a block of the Otsuka Train station in Tokyo, Japan. I passed this place on the way back to my hotel one night after diner and decided it was only proper to wash my meal down with a cold one, for proper digestion of course.

Wow a simple British style pub in the middle of Japan! I ordered a Hoegaarden beer and I have to admit that is some great beer, it had a sort of orange/citrus taste to it. I never expected to like the beer that much but after a couple of cold ones I became a fan of it. American rock music was playing in the background and the feel of the pub was very laid back not much happening but beer being consumed. I could easily imagine Expats filling this place up when the soccer games are on but none of the sort on this night.

The staff was friendly and asked me where I was from, they had heard of Texas but I guess the confusion may have been because I do not look like a cowboy. I was glad I stopped in for a few brews but I would love to come back another day when maybe a soccer match is on because I have a feeling it would be a ton of fun there.

Location: The Broseley Public Beer House